Interview: Release Trapped Emotions For a More Abundant Fulfilling Life

TRANSCRIPT: Hello, Today I’m really excited to introduce to you Charan Sudhar. Charan is a Holistic Geneticist and she works on releasing trapped emotions that can create imbalances in our body, our Physical body and our Mental – and on our Well-being. Let me tell you how I have come across Charan. Myself, I’m a […]


Hello, Today I’m really excited to introduce to you Charan Sudhar. Charan is a Holistic Geneticist and she works on releasing trapped emotions that can create imbalances in our body, our Physical body and our Mental – and on our Well-being.

Let me tell you how I have come across Charan. Myself, I’m a Kinesiologist and I like to address any of my physical issues with like-minded people and the holistic way. When I heard about Charan, I was really, really excited. I have been living basically all my life with a lot of anxiety. When you do have anxiety, you just don’t function 100 percent of yourself.

I went to see Charan, and I followed a course of skype sessions with her, and after two months I have to say the results are absolutely amazing. There’s nothing else I can say. So I thought it would be very very beneficial to share my experience and to have this interview with Charan so you can also find what it is about and hopefully it will help you as much as it has helped me. So, Charan, thank you very much for being with us and taking some of your precious time to answer us. Charan, is working from Birmingham and just to explain a little bit about what you’re doing, I would like you to explain us what is a “trapped emotion”.

CHARAN: Well Thank you first, Aude to have me here… I hope I said your name right…

AUDE: yes…it is…. that’s fine…

CHARAN: “trapped emotion” literally, is basically that everything is energy in the body and if we take any cell and we move down to the DNA and then we go to the atoms, we get to the space there… everything is energy. And so, literally, when we’re looking at the emotions they are also energy. And so when we experience emotions, these emotions can be, When it is a sort of a stressful time that we are going through, these emotions can literally lodge in the body, in your tissues themselves because they’re energy. They are the size of a cantaloupe or an orange and literally lodged in there… so they then interfere with the frequency of your cells. Because I think it is interacting with each other, so that is literally what a “trapped emotion” is.

AUDE: Okay so. As they are kind of interfering with yourself, and tissues and everything, would you say that these trapped emotions will influence our perception of reality and even show up as diseases or depression so, in another word, could our diseases or the challenges we’re facing be like physiological feedback mechanism of those trapped emotions?

CHARAN: yes, definitely, because each emotion has its own frequency and when you look at the emotions, if I say to the audience think of SLOB, you know something that you really love, maybe baby do things or something. And that just makes you smile and you feel good. But when you think about something that happened in New York 9/11: that brings your energy down. So that emotion is sadness, grief, and when you have that particular emotion, those kind of emotion trapped in your body, It is as if you begin to resonate with that frequency of grief and so that everything that you perceive in your life will begin to resonate with that.

So it’s important to actually have it released because then you are vibrating IT: the frequency that you’re here to vibrate, rather than the frequency of that emotion and that can influence your life a lot. For instance, if someone say has the emotion of anger that was trapped and they have it released, they might find suddenly “oh, I’m not tripping up so much” “I’m not getting angry so much…” it’s because their frequency is changed it is a result of releasing that emotion.

AUDE: okay so if I understand you well, when we have those trapped emotions, they really prevent us from being what we could be, what we are and realizing our potential and our maximum and that can really mess up with our lives, so to speak, because we cannot express the way we should be expressing, right?

MS CHARAN: Yeah, exactly. And I wouldn’t say mess up because you never do anything wrong in life. It’s not that you’re going to mess up, more about that it’s an experience that you have been through and those experiences are here to teach us. But they also result in these trapped emotions so releasing those emotions would help you moving forward and, particularly with the “heart wall” because that’s where you have emotions. Say for instance that you’ve been through something traumatic, like someone dying or divorce or moving house, you know one of those high topic kind of events that can result in quite high emotions. And you can, and it doesn’t have to be any of those, but it can be anything, but you end up getting emotions that are trapped around the heart, which then creates like a wall through which you experience life. So when we were talking earlier about frequencies and we have these emotions trapped, these emotions particularly move out from the heart – not emotions, excuse me—these feelings from the heart move through these emotions as through a wall around your heart and so literally you are experiencing life through the filters of these emotions. So you have grief or anger or sadness there. You continuously going to be experiencing that and that it is going impact your relationships. And if you think about relationships, relationship is everything, it’s your work, it’s your business, it’s your relationship with your children, with your partner, with finding a partner, everything. Its impacting everything because what are we here to do? We’re as humans here to interact and that’s creating relationships, so, particularly the “heart wall”, is crucial and having it released can impact our lives.

AUDE: Okay, that is pretty clear and having experienced sessions with Charan myself, I have to say that it has changed a lot on the way I interact with people and my overall perception. I do think that my anxiety has almost completely gone … it’s really… and I can see the results in my work and in my relationships as well … I can confirm 100 percent what has been said here and this is why I find it so fantastic. So now, Charan, can you help us? How can we deal with these emotions and what can you do for people who think that they might be concerned and willing to do something about it? So how can you help our audience?

MS CHARAN: Well, basically what happens in like for instance, since you know, we have never really met in person. We’ve been working online so this work can be done from anywhere in the world and most of my clients are all over the world. It’s literally just connecting with the person and so – just to explain – that it’s connecting in the sense that on one level, yes we visibly are not connected, but on another level there is this subconscious mind, which makes up 95 percent of our mind it’s also the collective mind where for instance, you know someone, you’re thinking about someone and suddenly, they call, And it’s that kind of thing that we’re all connected. You know we pick up on things. So that is where the work is done: it’s connecting on that level and it is using muscle testing which allows for me to connect with my client and literally by doing that it’s possible to actually find out from the subconscious mind where this information is, that is actually blocking and allowing for the emotions to be trapped and when they are trapped and all that.

AUDE: Okay .. thank you very much Charan, obviously you can work online with anybody and we leave your details at the end of this interview. Thank you very much for being with us today.

CHARAN: Thank you very much Aude

AUDE: Bye-bye…

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