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Abundance in your life: the power of “I am”

Abundance is seek and yet so elusive to most people. What if the key to abundance was to be found within, in your own identity. “I am” are the two most powerful words on the planet because they are reflective of the source energy. When God says “I am the Alpha and the Omega” this […]

Abundance is seek and yet so elusive to most people. What if the key to abundance was to be found within, in your own identity.

“I am” are the two most powerful words on the planet because they are reflective of the source energy. When God says “I am the Alpha and the Omega” this is is the source of vibration to express He is the whole. The very source vibration that encompasses time and space:  the infinite.

I am is the announcement of our very existence, our being, our identity factor. This is why who we are is the single most essential question any individual is lead to ask himself at some point of his life in order to define himself. “I am” is also the way to change your actual experience of life and abundance.

Create abundance through awakening consciousness

To create abundance, consciousness can be accessed through “I am”. Being comes first, being is a state of mind. We cannot do, have or even explain a state of mind. We can only be.  The identity of the “I am” is the condition of finding oneself that activates our energy. Therefore everything stems from the “I am”, from our state of mind. Without an announcement of who I am, the universe does not know what to give us.

Our identity is our relationship to the environment that surrounds us and the world to a greater extent. But most of us use “I am” unconsciously and in ways that do not serve us. I am sick, I am clumsy, I am tired, etc. Whatever you announce or attach to the words “I am” becomes that state of mind that you are in in any given moment. Every time you state the word “I am” the universe arranges for the attachment of who I am. I am wealthy is an announcement to the world of what you want to experience.

I am as law of attraction for abundance

“I am” can overcome subconscious decisions. If you focus on the “I am” you allow the presence of source to be in and the healing of many negative things. Our job as “manifesters” is simply to hold any image long enough for it to become reality.

When Obama was campaigning against Mc Cain, the later presented himself as “I am a Maverick” while Obama as “I am the one everybody has been waiting for”. In that very statement stood the power of the “I am”, which I guess left no doubt in the mind of of the audience as to whom would be elected. How we identify, proclaim ourselves in relation to the world is how we experience the world.

Master the most powerful force in the universe to manifest abundance

Create a bigger image of yourself, hold it for as long as necessary with the emotion that goes with it.

“I am” is the first step, then comes the tought and the words who are the bridge that allow “I am” to come into reality; finally the action is the last step of the process and merely the preparation to receive what we have been creating.

This principle needs to be applied bearing in mind the law of correspondence: any form of energy can only harmonise with a similar form of frequency. In other words, your thought will only bring you what you are radiating out. To attract what you want, you need to change your vibration to the vibration of whatever you wish to attract, to change how you feel. If you have feeling of anger and fear, this is what you will attract in your life. Likewise, when we are pushing something away, we tend to attract more of the same thing as we focus on the very feeling we are trying to avoid.abundance-2

Experience within what you want externally. Become what you want.

Analyse any negative thoughts you may harbour within which might be contradictory to what you are seeking. For example you can’t have a great relationship if you think that the opposite sex is deceitful.

Be clear about what you want: your mind cannot entertain simultaneous and opposite thoughts, you can’t be happy while you feel angry. you can’t focus if you desire multiple things. Manifestation is what you put attention to. Focus and attention = energy, our life force. Focus on what you want. When you remove attention to something it dissolves; when you add attention to something it grows.

The method of the “I am” effect to manifest abundance

  • Start with meditation or a deep breathing exercise of ten minutes.

Meditation is a powerful tool to get a clear image and allow you to come back to this image on a regular basis. Meditation will bring you into a state of relaxation and help you be centered and focus. Likewise deep breathing clears your mind and body from all the toxic thoughts and vibrations.

  • Look for unworthiness

Worthiness or unworthiness is the measure that allows or prevents us from entertaining the image. Look for any notion of unworthiness  in relation to whatever you are seeking. Locate in your memory the first event that caused you to feel unworthy in this respect (guilt shame or hate are of similar nature).

For example if you feel any negative emotion around having money – such as rich people are dishonest from a comment you heard as a child from your father- this will surely keep you from attracting the wealth you wish.

Bring the event into your consciousness, don’t push it but trust your subconscious to bring the right event. It might not be the initial event but as you keep at it you will eventually find it. Look at the event, love it for the lessons it has taught you, the benefits it gave you. Let go of the past which only exists in your mind, decide to choose to be free and fine with whatever happened and no longer exists or even serves you.

  • Check periodically

Revisit the event to check if it is still holding any emotional charge. If not look for events of similar nature around the same subject to release them.

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Aude Seynt Martin

Written by Aude Seynt Martin

Aude is an ex corporate Lawyer with a passion for health, self development and independence which lead her to give up her former career to help others through health.

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