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At OHM we are nuts enough to think that age does not matter

OHM was born from the conviction of a few people that Mother Nature and the right personal attitude to health are the solutions to the ever growing rate of the world’s self inflicted diseases. We believe that education, combined with the right actions, can make the difference between vibrant and compromised health.

We are all living in the most positive era in history, so far. Our ability to learn and be consciously aware of our health offers everyone the opportunity for a longer life, whilst maintaining our physical and mental capacities.

Despite the opportunities for knowledge, many people still do not know where to go to learn what they need to do to maintain their mental and physical well being. This is evident with the ever growing concern that children are experiencing health problems that were unknown in past generations. What legacy are we leaving these generations, and the ones to come?

There are people out there who live with the mantra, “Live everyday as if it were my last” and believe that justifies the decision to abuse their bodies with excess drinking, poor diet choices and inappropriate life style choices.

Living today and worrying about it tomorrow creates the ever increasing potential of an early old age and prolonged ill health in a nursing home with need of permanent care. Not an attractive proposition.

In traditional China, people pay their doctor to keep them healthy, not to ‘fix’ their personal abuse of their own bodies.

But, what to do and where to go to make sense of all information out there?

Enter OHM, your one stop shop for all you need to know to live in a healthy, balanced and positive state for as long as you choose.

AT OHM we stand for prevention. Our bodies have a natural self healing capacity, we just need to adopt appropriate lifestyle choices to gain the vibrant health that is our birthright.

At OHM we are dedicated in helping people start that journey to vibrant health, better ageing and optimum physical and mental health. Here we share information and knowledge from our researches and investigations. You will find all you need to know about:

  • Food and nutrition
  • Emotional health
  • beauty and anti-ageing tips
  • Fitness
  • Wellness and therapies.

We have access to outstanding professionals who share our ethos and philosophy, by joining us here we can bring you closer to their expertise.

Are you ready to take responsibility for your health and wellbeing, and lead by example?

Then join us and create the tipping point for global health and vitality subscribe for free to get access to surprising discoveries.

Who are we?

Aude Seynt Martin

Aude Seynt MartinAude is an ex corporate Lawyer who has long openly confessed her total obsession with natural health, self development and independence.

It all started with the tempting option of becoming a Partner in her law firm, Aude decided she would be a cowboy, well a “cowgirl”, fulfilling a childhood dream. She turned down the corporate opportunity and took a flight to Argentina with the firm intention of setting up a horse riding expedition. After some interesting challenges, Aude made Patagonia her home, and that of her four companions, for several months, which got her to qualify for the “Long Rider’s Guild” association. This extraordinary adventure got her to shift her philosophy on health and life in general. Having solved one of her major health issues through a healthier living and stress management, Aude realised that we have within ourselves the power and resources for self-healing. Aude is dedicated to go on living a life as free and natural as she can and share her ethos and beliefs by reaching out to a growing number of people and create a community of like minded individuals!

Aude is a Kinesiologist, KF associates, trained in allergy related conditions, nutrition and traditional medicine. She is also a Manual Therapist with a particular emphasis on spine realignment and back pain solutions, trained in Switzerland and England. Find more about Aude’s health services.

Eva Lu

Eva LuEva Lu is passionate about self-development, creating life-balance and helping others to live a happier and healthier life. She is a creative person, always eager to find new ideas about healthy and tasty food and fun ways to exercise and stay fit. She believes that creating a healthy lifestyle can be an enjoyable task and no matter how busy she gets, she never compromises about taking care of her health. One of Eva’s main interests is researching about mind-body connection and teaching others how to develop a positive mindset. She had founded the personal development Internet magazine: www.MindOfWinner.com which mission is to help others create a winning mindset, achieve their goals and set themselves up for success!


JosieAs OHM copywriter and social media manager, the dashing Josipa is our creative soul. Brave and full of inspiration, she blesses us with her daily enthusiasm for everything OHM stands for. Mother to a gorgeous boy, life and fitness coach, as well as ex professional dancer, Josipa has many skills and interests and her extensive experience makes her quite the health expert. Josipa is dedicated to share her knowledge in a fun and sometimes provocative way. She is one of these women that shakes the world.


dankoDanko is OHM’s co-founder and Director of publication. Freerider, explorer and best-selling author, Danko spends his winters snowboarding and get the time of his life in the fresh snow of high mountains: no pick too high for Danko! Quite the snow expert, Danko educates people about snow hazards and the danger of the mountain. He is the author of the best-selling book called ‘The Truth About Skiing and Snowboarding‘ which has helped thousands of people to enjoy the snow in top condition and avoid injuries. Like the rest of the team, Danko is a total health freak: juicing, proper nutrition and training are just his way of life as he explains in his book. Danko is also a successful property investor and founder of several companies, his days can be crazy busy, which requires high energy and top condition as well as utter dedication.


GeorgeIT entrepreneur, web developer and adviser and loving his job, George never neglects to stay connected to the world in an old fashion way, taking long hikes in the wonderful nature surrounding his home town where he resources to get cracking with his genius ideas. Georges is our best example of a successful life-balanced lad. He is a sport and fitness fan as well as an absolute health addict. George is the real deal, the true team player, always full of energy, never exhausted or frustrated. George is always here when you need his help or assistance and we love him for that. He is the man behind OHM’s great look and regular updating. The best IT guy you can imagine.

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