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Good morning, this is Aude Seynt Martin on Online Health Magazine and today we are receiving for our interview Michelle Thibodeau for Natural cancer solutions. Hi, Michelle! Hello, how are you? I’m fine, thank you.  I hope you’re good too. Yes. Michelle just to present you to our audience,  you are  a Registered Holistic Nutritionist […]

Good morning, this is Aude Seynt Martin on Online Health Magazine and today we are receiving for our interview Michelle Thibodeau for Natural cancer solutions.

Hi, Michelle!

Hello, how are you?

I’m fine, thank you.  I hope you’re good too.


Michelle just to present you to our audience,  you are  a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and a Certified Professional Cancer Coach. Your expertise is in preventing, treating and helping men and women recover from difficult disease naturally.   Michelle, I was very interested in having you on our interview because you have quite an amazing story and you came into your healing and your practice when your husband, a firefighter, became ill with brain cancer and then you realized the side effects that the chemo and radiation had on his body and you became determined to help him through natural and alternative medicine supplements and nutrition corrections.  So, Michelle, we understand that your clients can become cancer patients or people suffering from other health issues.  Can you please tell us exactly who are your clients and why they come to you?

Well, as you mentioned, my clients are typically cancer patients — people who are either going through the process at the moment or who are post cancer treatment and just want some help with recovering, gaining weight, you know just feeling better from the side effects that they have. I also deal with clients who just have other health issues that they’re concerned about and they want to try and address them in a more natural way.  Some of them have been on medications for quite a while – a long time and they’re just sort of tired of covering things up with band-aid so to speak.  And now they want to see what nutrition and supplementation can do for them.

Okay, okay…. so when a client comes to see you what are the steps you will typically get your clients through when they come?

Well, I always start with a complete, what I call a health assessment, so I have many forms that they go through.  We have extensive discussions, you know, to fill in any blanks.  I ask them about their medical history, their family history, what they’re currently doing at this time, and I want to discover what their overall wellness is as well, not just if they have a particular health issue but other than that, what other things might be going on in their lives at that time and we also..

so you are talking also about emotionally?

Absolutely, yes, yeah.

Psychosocial issues, have big impact on our wellness because a lot of these things cause us stress.And stress is very depleting on the body especially if it’s extensive and long term.


So, yeah.. one of the other things that I do is the …. Have them do a …At least a one-week-food-log.   So that we can see  everything that  they’re eating and drinking in their daily lives.  And I always make sure that I say to them please,  do not try to modify it so that it looks better than it is.  It’s important to know what they’re really eating.

Yeah, you want to have the real picture.

I always address also their lifestyle issues, so you know, what do they do other than go to work, or you know, they have children but some people never get out to do any activities, they don’t do exercise, any of those things.

Natural cancer solutions recommendations

Okay, okay…  so , simple way, what is the sort of diet you would recommend  your cancer clients to have, to start with

One of the main things for cancer patients and really for anyone in general who’s suffering from an illness is to try to avoid sugars as much as possible in their diet.  Sugars are so abundant now in everything we eat especially if you eat a lot of processed foods.  Anything that comes from a package usually has a lot of sugar or salt or something like that so that’s a critical component.

Okay, so that would be the main component you will advise them to…. So sugar is will be,  for example even in,  I’ve heard you know, even in orange juice we buy from the supermarket, they have many sugar …. So you’re at your breakfast and you think you’re having orange juice when you’re actually having a lot of sugar.

Absolutely yes especially if it comes from a concentrate, it has even higher— and tropical fruits are higher in sugar as well.  So, one of the things with cancer patients especially if they’re in stage 3 or 4 is to avoid fruit for the most part.  I mean, one green apple a day is all they should be having.

I wanted you to share with us, if that’s okay, your best success story.

To date, my best success story I think would be my son because he was pretty much at a critical stage when he was diagnosed unfortunately because it had been left or quite some time.  He had malignant melanoma at the age of 27 and it was so with melanoma they grade and stage it so he was a grade 3 out of 4 and a stage 4 out of 5. Having gotten into some lymph nodes as well, which makes it even more critical, unfortunately, that he did try the chemo for a while.  It did not like make him feel at all and at 27 he was still young and single and wanting to go to work and hang out with his friends and couldn’t.  So after doing that for a couple of months he decided that he was going to try the holistic approach and completely stopped all his treatments.  And that’s not for everybody, but that was his decision — went on a completely holistic:  He changed his diet, he started detoxing his body extensively which is another critical component of healing.  And juicing regularly and eating so much better than he was and just taking care of himself and also taking quite a few supplements that help to boost the immune system and keep cancer cells dying.  That’s the important thing.  There are certain supplements that can be taken and people don’t know this – that will actually help to kill cancer cells without drugs.

Wow that’s great!  Wonderful to hear!

Yeah, three and a half years later, he’s  so strong and healthy, he actually went to the oncologist this week and the guy looked at him and said – he works as a personal trainer now—and the oncologist looked at him and haven’t seen him for probably eight months and said are you on steroids? He’s so muscular!  You know and the doctor wasn’t expecting, not at all and even the oncologist was surprised that you know, nothing has recurred so far.

That’s wonderful!  I’m great to hear that natural cancer solutions work.

If you had two recommendations to give our audience right now, what would they be, Michelle?

Well, again, as I said, two recommendations for anybody, not just cancer patients is avoid sugars in your diet as much as possible, so minimize at least, and drink more water because probably 75% of the population is dehydrated and don’t know it.  You could be drinking things during the day like coffees, teas, hot, whatever the case may be but it’s not really hydrating your body the way it needs to and dehydration causes a lot of health issues.

Okay, so just simple water.

Absolutely, yes, but from a pure source.  With chlorine in it unfortunately that’s just adding toxins to the body.

Yeah, yeah and even in plastic bottles, it’s not always…

No, no… they’ve been frozen in the cold, and heated ..

So what sort of source would you recommend for water?

Well if you can buy water in glass bottles and it’s from spring fed or a reverse osmosis system,  c’ent avi, I don’t know if you have any of it in the UK, it’s water that’s filtered through rocks….

Okay, yeah, we may have similar things.  At home I have reverse osmosis system.

Right, yes, the only thing to remember – and I have one too and it’s one of the best sources of water except you have to—it’s a good idea to drink different waters too because RO takes out the minerals, so we need the minerals.

Yes, okay, thank you, Michelle,  we will leave  your details for anybody who wants to see you.  You’re based in Ottawa, Ontario Canada.  So obviously not everybody can go to Ottawa but you do consultation on skype and on distance.  Actually people don’t need to be physically with you to get all the advise they need, right?

Absolutely, yes.

So, if they need you or if they want to know more, they can get in touch with you, right?

Yes, my website is and all my contact information is on there as well.

Okay, we’ll leave all your contact information anyway on the website.  Thank you very much Michelle for having been with us today and given us natural cancer solutions.

Oh you’re very welcome, thanks for having me.




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