Anti-Ageing Molecules

Unlike anti-ageing molecules, superfoods are marketed for their antioxidants and anti ageing property.  Very little people actually know that antioxidants needs to be activated, “turned on”, by specific anti-ageing molecules made by the mitochondria. The mitochondria is the cell power plant . It produces the very energy that is the source of any life force, […]

Anti-Ageing Molecules

Unlike anti-ageing molecules, superfoods are marketed for their antioxidants and anti ageing property.  Very little people actually know that antioxidants needs to be activated, “turned on”, by specific anti-ageing molecules made by the mitochondria.

The mitochondria is the cell power plant . It produces the very energy that is the source of any life force, Adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

At the same time, the mitochondria also produce a very interesting group of molecules, for a long time considered as a by-product, called Redox Signaling Molecules (RSM). More recently, scientists have started to realize the fundamental role played by these incredible molecules with respect to our immune system and ageing process.

Free radicals and antioxidants

When a molecule loses an electron, it becomes a free radical, an oxidizer, that must acquire another electron to balance itself, ideally from a nearby antioxidant.

If your antioxidants are not active enough, the free radical may rip its missing electron from a another healthy cell or even piece of DNA.

This is when the antioxidant obsession comes into place in the anti-ageing market

Let me explain: the most common antioxidant vitamins are A, C, E, Zinc and selenium. Vitamin C is a wonderful antioxidant; it gives one electron to the free radical to neutralize it. As the body cannot produce vitamin C, a diet rich in vegetables, berries and fruits, good source of vitamin C, is essential for our immune system and well-being in general.

However as it loses an electron, be aware that vitamin C of course becomes a mild oxidizer itself, just a lesser, weaker evil than the free radicals it just quenched. We are all somehow familiar with the whole idea being over marketed with antioxidant theory.

Now, little do we know that if our body does not have the proper ability to process these nutrients and their antioxidants, no matter how many of them we consume, or their quality even, most of it will go to waste as a matter of scientific fact.

Antioxidants needs to “be turned on” in the body by molecules called Redox Signaling Molecules (RSM). In other words, in our cell protection process against free radical damage, RSM come before antioxidants.

Now, and for a long time, science considered that RSM were only “chemical by-products”, “cellular waste” of the mitochondria. It appears that far from being waste, RSM are our very own Fountain of Youth!

Let me explain a bit further RSM produced by mitochondria divides in two categories:

–       RS Redos Molecule: antioxidant activator

–       ROS Molecule: Immune system messenger.

RS: The antioxidant activators (anti-ageing molecules)

RS are not nutrients so we still need to get out nutrients elsewhere. The good thing is if we can increase our RSM supply then we can also receive the benefits of antioxidants that most people have never been able to experience. This would take our anti ageing potential further levels beyond.

Now to be fair, some of the popular products claiming antioxidant benefits can possibly increase ATP production, which in turn can boost a proportional level of ROS. However, our body ability to use antioxidants is still limited by the amounts of RSM the mitochondria can produce. Only so much ATP production can be boost, the level of RSM will not be enough to make the most of a high amount of antioxidants.

ROS: The Immune system messenger

Our immune system needs to be able to emit reactive oxygen molecules toward an identified intruder through a process called “oxidative outburst”. The ROS molecules act as messengers because over abundance of such molecules anywhere in a body signals “oxidative stress”.

Immune cells are aware of an occurring damage, which triggers repair processes.

If the oxidative stress worsens or continues, then our DNA triggers another process, called “apoptosis” which calls for the death of the cell. More than 50 billion of our cells are thus replaced everyday in a healthy adult.  These various sequences of activity are initiated and communicated by these amazing ROS messengers. Therefore, more of these active ROS means better functioning repair and replace processes, which translate in an overall health improvement.

In principle, the mitochondria should be able to produce enough RS to activate these neighbouring antioxidants.  The truth is that as early as the age of 12, our RSM production starts to decline and as we age the body makes fewer and fewer of these molecules. Of course it translates in our body ability to renew and repair and fight off the effect of ageing. A baby has 100% cellular efficiency. By the age 70, this efficiency has dropped to a staggering 10%!!

In order to keep the cellular mechanism in optimum function, we then need to replenish our production of RSM.

The Impossible Anti-ageing Solution

RSM properties and function have been known for some time.  But remember RS and ROS are highly reactive and highly conducive to causing respectively electron transfer and oxidation reactions. The problem is how to stabilise a group of reactive molecules without having them to react with each other.

Let me explain: Salt water is sodium chloride dissolved in water. If salt water is electrolysed according to certain very protected processes, sodium chloride and water can be broken into further molecules: sodium, chlorine, hydrogen and oxygen, and even many more components.

Our mitochondria start with the same salt water solution and produce a safe, non-toxic group of RSM that balance themselves. So how do you do that outside the body? Well science could not do it and it was thus considered impossible: almost as soon as these various compounds appear, they would simply recombine and turn back into salt water. While each of these chemicals may be stable on their own, they are NOT in each other’s presence, outside the body!

Dr Gary Samuelson is an atomic physicist who has found a way, for the first time in history to allow all these RS and ROS molecules to coexist outside the body without reacting and reverting back into salt water.  Doing so, it has allowed what seems to be, for the first time in history, a RSM supplement! This what ASEA is about. As we age ASEA compensates, at least partially, for the loss of molecules, which are at the very source of our anti ageing and immune system regular functioning: A fountain of youth in a bottle. And, to my humble eyes, the most incredible scientific breakthrough over the last past year.

Use of ASEA

There is a drinkable version ASEA and a topical gel Renu 28. They are fairly simple to use. You do not have to use both, I personally do.

The daily recommendation is for the bottle 4 Oz and twice a day for the gel on the face and eye lids and neck.

My personal experience: I am a rather healthy person and had so much energy out of ASEA that I halved the recommended dose, it was a little bit like drinking coffee before going to bed, well I suppose, since I actually do not drink coffee.

For the gel, I use it in the first thing in the morning, followed by pure organic argan oil on face, neck and clivage. I apply Renu 28 again in the evening before going to bed, no night cream.


I wish to hereby state that I have not been paid to write this article. If it is true that OHM is selling the product on the website, it is because we are convinced of the amazing benefits of it. Using the product myself (like the other products we also recommend), and having researched extensively the science behind it, as well as personally witnessed the progress obtained, I consider that Asea is the most scientifically advanced natural and non-toxic product I have come across that is available on the market to the general public. I only feel that it is part of my mission to share my findings.

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Aude Seynt Martin

Written by Aude Seynt Martin

Aude is an ex corporate Lawyer with a passion for health, self development and independence which lead her to give up her former career to help others through health.

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