Krill Oil moves fish oil benefits to a whole new level!

Antarctic Krill OilThe highest and most powerful form of Omega 3 food essential phospholipids and essential fatty acids


Our grand mother would give us a few sound advice:

Eat small meals throughout the day
Have some protein at every meal
Eat your fruits and vegetables
Take your fish oil (omega 3 food).

Fish oil is indeed the best source of omega 3, EPA (long chain of fatty acid) and is necessary to counterbalance the levels of Omega-6 fatty acids routinely found in low-fat protein sources.

Fish oil benefits:

  • Regulate cellular oxygen and energy production
  • Components of nerve cells
  • Structural components of membranes, they form a barrier that keeps foreign molecules, viruses, fungi and bacteria outside the cells
  • Crucial for the regular functioning of the endocrine system
  • help transport cholesterol
  • help prevent the development of allergies
  • reduce inflammation
  • help depression
  • reduce arthritis
  • reduce the risk of heart disease

One of the biggest single breakthrough in the nutritional profession is the recent availability of Krill Oil capsules, reputably up to twenty two times more efficient than traditional omega 3 foods: EPA/ DHA Marine Fish oil.
Krill is a shrimp harvested in the Antarctic Ocean and is just a better version of traditional fish oil as it offers a concentrated form of Omega-3 with additional benefits:

  • No toxic contamination, due to the very low toxicity levels of the Antarctic Ocean
  • Minimal environmental impact: the harvesting of krill from the sea is at a very low level compared with the huge stocks available
  • Superior availability to the body since it contains significant amounts of fatty acids in the form of phospholipid, which is far more available to the body than the triglyceride form present in fish oil
  • Supremely powerful antioxidant that surpasses most other antioxidants in its far-reaching effects,
  • Smaller dosage: 1-2 capsules of 500 mg Krill Oil are recommended daily dosage.


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