When a friend told me about AtlasPROfilax treatment, I wanted to try it immediately. Although I had no pain or structural problems at that time, I left Aude Le Barazer’s clinic as if I had been given a new body. The result of this painless and swift (just half an hour) adjustment to my Atlas vertebrae was immediate. I felt balanced, light on my feet, and could feel the energy flowing throughout my body. The extraordinary sensation of having my head re-positioned exactly in line with my spine, instead of tilted to one side, left my mind calm and clear.

Aude is a gifted healer and highly skilled practitioner in many therapeutic fields, and I felt completely confident in her warm presence. I highly recommend this powerful therapy.

Philipa LubbockPhillippa Lubbock, London,
Life Alignment Practitioner & Author


I had the privilege of experiencing the AtlasPROfilax massage treatment. I must admit I was skeptical when it came to the claim that this was a onetime correction of the atlas misalignment. I am a Chiropractor with more than 30 years of experience in the study and correction of misaligned spinal components. I have been seeking quality correction for a very long time. I have had many, many adjustments of my atlas and have performed thousands of adjustments on patients over the years. The promise of permanence has been sought by chiropractors and healers for over a century! Is it possible? Maybe now, for the first time.

Nothing I have experienced nor performed has given the benefits and results that this onetime treatment has. The experience to date with the AtlasPROfilax treatment is that my atlas has maintained proper alignment and function. The chronic pain at the base of my skull is gone. I am more balanced and empowered in my life. My energy is consistent and my overall sense of well-being is harmony and peace. Can this onetime treatment do this for everyone? I don’t know, but it is an essential piece of the puzzle!

The difference between the AtlasPROfilax treatment and chiropractic is that the correction of the mis-aligned atlas is not done through osseous manipulation. There is nothing in chiropractic that matches this process. In fact, I would highly recommend every chiropractor and chiropractic patient have this correction done. It will save the patient and the Doctor of Chiropractic from unnecessary suffering and ineffective treatments. Now this does not replace chiropractic. Once the AtlasPROfilax correction is accomplished, the ongoing supportive alignment of the spine and pelvis must be maintained to further support healing and well-being.

In the toolbox of treatments that make a difference, the AtlasPROfilax treatment is a must!

Robert PopeDr. Robert A. Pope,
Chiropractic Physician


When a few months ago, Aude offered to manipulate my Atlas vertebrae, and promised me all sort of short and long terms benefits from this painless procedure, I was to say the least, very doubtful.  She assured me that the all procedure would be painless, riskless, and that she had been all the way to Canada to study with the bests teachers. She was so enthusiastic about it, and her explanations so convincing, that I agreed to give it a try. I must now say that this was one of the best decision I made in my life. The procedure was absolutely painless, and lasted no more than half an hour. But when I left her practice, I could already feel that my posture was different, I was walking straighter, I felt more balanced and had a spring in my steps. its now over 5 months that I had it done, and have noticed that I have more energy, sleep better, and haven’t had a single headache during that time. There are no other explanation for these improvements that I can think of other than the successful manipulation of my Atlas Vertebrae. I was so impressed with the results, that I have recommended Aude to many of my friends. Most of them just like myself, were reluctant or incredulous at first, but those who went to see her, have reported the same benefits than the one I have experienced, and are very grateful that I introduced her to them. I am very pleased to recommend without reservation Aude’s work. I would never have felt as good as I do now, without her help.

Wilfrid KoulitchenkoWilfrid


I am sending a big thank you for the AtlasProfilax treatment you gave me.

You were very knowledgeable, competent, professional and proficient in your work as well as respectful and caring of me and my body. Thank you.

I was very tired and slept for most of the following day. Thankfully I know this is how I react to healing treatments, so I had left the day clear. For the rest of the week I was tired during the evenings and went to bed early.

However there has been a big and noticeable change in the way I walk and move. Some people have said my body is straighter. I feel that I am walking on the earth, in touch with the earth and feeling safe and balanced – which I haven’t felt before. In one way it’s a grounding of all the work I have done in going beyond my childhood.

Previously I walked down our rather steep stairs hanging on to the banister and in a one-legged way i.e. step down a step – bring the other leg down to that step and so on. Now I can walk down normally and not needing to hold on to the banister.

The other night my husband went to bed first. On following him, at the top of the stairs I said “wow”. “Wow what?” he called. The wow was that I had walked up all the stairs in one go, carrying something in each hand and feeling confident. I would have normally clung on and ascended with some difficulty, especially when tired. My whole body feels so much more balanced. Now every time I go up or downstairs, I giggle because it feels so much better. I’m using my Healthpoint machine as usual each morning to help with muscle stiffness. I keep turning my head from side to side and delighting in how much further I can go than before. I must admit, part of me is checking that things are still better and I haven’t gone backwards! I feel the energy movements up my spine and I am sure things will improve even more.

I am at a transitional point in my life and atlas profilax is part of it and part of all my important spiritual journey.

My ankle too is much more comfortable and mobile so thank you for all your hard work on that.

Wishing you all the very best.

Pamela HamptonPamela Hampton,


Aude Le Barazer has made an amazing transition between two worlds that couldn’t be more different and kept the same level of integrity, discipline and expert knowledge all the way through. She will look at you in a holistic way and give you the perfect bespoke treatment. She knows a great deal and never stops learning and improving her skills. Her wit and je ne sais quoi are just the icing on the cake. Enjoy!

auxelle-bonaparteAxelle Bonaparte,
Metamorphic technique practitioner & Life Coach


I did several sessions of Kinesiology with Aude Le Barazer at a particular tricky moment in my life. I was confronted with enormous changes in every area and I felt confusion, doubts and lack of confidence that paralyzed me and make me suffer from moments of depression.

We worked on the identification of some big blocks, deeply anchored at different levels within me and then released them from the memories of my body cells. It helped me greatly to recover my inner balance and feel myself centered and focused on my objectives again with a renewed courage and trust in my capabilities to sort out my problems.

Annick AugierAnnick Augier, 
Artist and Healer


Aude uses her unique integrated approach to improving the function of the body and has helped me primarily realign my spine and leg length using a unique method that is relatively unknown at present. I am a personal trainer and I could appreciate the benefit of the treatment for my overall balance and energy. I have recommended Aude to some of my clients. Hopefully she and her method will become better known over time.

oliver-dudleyOliver Dudley,
Personal trainer


Aude was very professional and achieved good results after just a few sessions.

lorene-schollyLorene Scholly


Pour moi, tout s’est bien passé. J’ai eu rapidement un résultat. Mes vertèbres dorsales se sont alignées un matin quand je me suis retournée dans mon lit. Après une semaine,je n’avais plus les pieds plats. On avait essayé les semelles, sans aucun résultat. Je n’y allait pas pour ça mais c’est chouette de voir ce changement.

J’y allais pour une douleur dans la nuque qui me donnait plus que régulièrement des maux de tête. J’ai eu un accident de voiture (whyplash), il y a 5 ans. Résultat: je n’ai plus mal. Il a fallu un an à peu près. Les crises s’espaçaient de mois en mois. J’en suis très très contente. Des douleurs dans la main se sont estompées. J’oublie certainement d’autres petites choses.

Ma maman qui l’a fait avec moi, le 4 août 2008, a eu aussi de bons résultats. Elle avait toujours mal à une hanche, et surtout au lit. Elle n’a plus mal depuis, et très rapidement après la remise en place.

Elle ne savait plus se relever si elle se mettait accroupie. Maintenant, elle n’a plus ce problème. Par contre, elle espérait que ses pertes d’équilibre allaient cesser, mais pas encore de résultat.

Fabienne Tournay 


Aude, muito obrigada, depois do tratamento fiquei muito melhor, menos fatigada e as dores das costas desapareceram , e nao foi nada doloroso.

Desejo lhe muito sucesso no seu trabalho.

Madalena Teles 


In June 2008 I experienced an AtlasPROFilax massage treatment by Aude Le Barazer. I had been suffering from various back, neck and shoulder problems for many years. In 2004 I had three cortisone infiltration injections in my spine and wore a moulded plaster corset for almost six months. I started taking Vioxx and then Celebrex to ease the pain when it became too much to bear. At the end of last year and the beginning of this I underwent twenty sessions of physiotherapy Mézières method, which helped a little on condition I spent time doing exercises each day. When I heard of the AtlasPROFilax massage treatment I thought it sounded too good to be true but was ready and eager to try in the hope of a miracle. However, I did make sure that there would be no manipulation, and the process was fully explained beforehand. The treatment consisted of a massage around the neck with a vibrating tool which was totally painless – I was expecting to feel a strange sensation, but in fact it turned out to be a relaxing tingle.

That evening, walking away, I felt as if my head was being pulled up from a tuft of hair on the crown, a position my gym teacher had tried to make me hold for the past 15 years; I thought if only she could see me now! It’s true my body position is no longer the same: I hold my shoulders down and back, which I had tried so hard to do when doing Mézières physiotherapy. Now I no longer turn my shoulders when looking before crossing the road – my head turns so much further than before. However, what really has surprised me is that I have just spend a month travelling in the most uncomfortable and deplorable conditions and not once did I take a painkiller and nor did I wear my surgical belt (which follows me everywhere) to maintain my spine.

I find it too presumptious to expect this relief to last forever, as I am told it will; however, the benefits obtained so far are worth every single penny and I have total trust in my practitioner. Thank you Aude Le Barazer for introducing me to this one-off treatment.

Judith Hine-Gautier


Aude can turnaround specific issues you might be facing within less than 5 minutes (no exaggeration) because of her in-depth knowledge in specific areas covering nutrition, personal achievement and well-being from different practice areas. In one of my issues related to health and beauty, she knew right away what the problem was, told me the solution, which addressed both my health and beauty problem with one simple and inexpensive change. With a personal matter, she introduced me to a tool that I could use right away and within minutes, the solution came up.

Because she can pinpoint to the problem and the solution very swiftly, you can get very fast results depending on your particular area.

Aude is extremely resourceful so you can keep the momentum of moving towards your goal by knowing exactly where to go. She has a broad range of knowledge in personal development practices and she will introduce you to options that you are comfortable with. Aude is extremely well-grounded and practical. She does not compromise quality in any aspect of her work, is extremely hard working and very modest to the point that she might not want to take credit for her role in your achievements.

Ellie C.,
Financial Analyst


A short note to thank you for an excellent treatment. I appreciated your professional service and will not hesitate to recommend it to others.

Jason Bevan


I wanted to thank you for the correction of my Atlas you gave me on 3rd July 2008.

Since then, the pain I had in my left hip has gone. As you know, I had been struggling with that pain since January! I was amazed that without any need for a manipulation on that area my body could improve so quickly.

The pain does come back at times but it’s always for an extremely short time, like two minutes and I also know that the healing process has only just started!

Again I have been happy to notice that during my last periods I did not have any menstrual cramps which was for me a relief as I had been suffering a lot from that lately.

I also feel happier, I am much calmer, I mean with less anxiety than before. I have noticed that each time something happens to me (emotionally) I am so much faster at recovering and feeling fine again than I used to.

Thank you so much for your help in that journey. I keep telling others about the benefits of having the Atlas realigned.

I wish you well.

Geraldine Jacob


When you were first recommended to me, I displayed the natural scepticism consequent upon years of suffering from peripheral neuropathy which no previous medication or treatment had served to restrain in any way. I had no reason to believe that any treatment would help my condition. I had completely lost the ability to move either leg, the movements of both arms, in all directions were severely restricted and I could turn my head only slightly in either direction, left or right.

Your Atlas Profilax treatment has brought a great measure of relief. I can now turn my head quite easily and freely through at least 200 to 220 degrees without experiencing the excruciating pain to which I was subject prior to your treatment. In addition, the range of angles and distances I can now move my arms has increased. I can also now raise my legs and feet, all be it marginally, but nevertheless, decidedly to an improved extent. All these improvements I can attribute only to the Atlas Profilax Treatment.

I would not want to make excessive claims on behalf of this product, particularly since I belief the element of time needs to be given consideration; i.e its lasting effects over time. I am prepared to say, however, that the treatment has demonstrated healing potential for my type of illness.

Eddie Welch


I tried HK with Aude and found the sessions to be both powerful and extremely interesting. They brought up a lot of awareness of my own feelings, my body’s needs and what issues I need to address in my life. Aude really takes the time to pinpoint what needs working on and her approach is professional and positive.

Claire Z, 29,
student in Homeopathy


I feel very at ease with my HK sessions. The corrections that arise are somehow always relevant to my life issues. I feel great benefit from this therapy. It makes me feel well, energetic and positive.

Rupa Patel,


Thank you for the lovely treatment on Monday. When I went for my Chinese massage on Wednesday Rebecca was amazed at how good my back was so I’m sure it was largely to do with the treatment and putting the Atlas back in.

Jan Brumfitt 


Aude is a very kind, warm and considerate practitioner that works to the highest standards. I would easily recommend her to anyone and know that all would get value for money from her work.

Amanda Brooks


Aude Le Barazer has helped me with strong back pain and other symptoms. She is a good reliable professional.

Christèle Le Lay 


Thank you for everything. My neck feels so much better and I feel a little more balanced too.

personal trainer

We were happy to meet a very nice and friendly therapist with so much empathy.
Aude listened to us very well and we felt immediately confident with her.
Her sessions are very efficient and we appreciated a lot her advices. She is constantly learning and testing new methods. My son could successfully passed his 11+ as he was much more concentrated and felt confident after a few sessions. His writing and speed improved”
We definitely recommend Aude!


24 hours after C1 Atlasprofilax adjustment