Write for Us

Energy medicine clinic is fast growing community whose purpose is to serve people by providing free independent health related information. We have a big audience which is growing every day, and we are always looking for experts to write for our site.

Is your head bursting with information on a natural health topic?  Why don’t you share by writing an article?


What We Want?

We want your perspective, your knowledge and your attitude.  As far as topics go, we’re looking for anything natural health related.  Your article is entertaining or informative, or even better, both, and, I was about to forget: well written. Surprise us! We’re pretty easy.

Our favorite topics will concern back pain and neck pain and related conditions, nutrition (we want to know about the good and the bad), stress, emotional health, exercising. Mind set and self development are also of interest as they are part of a meaningful well-being process. We are also very interesting in exposing “mainstream” hypes and crazes or long standing beliefs that divert people from true natural and empowering health. We are not trying to be on the political scene, we just want to inform people, help us expose the truth!

We do have a few tiny rules regarding guest posts:

  • The article you publish must be accurate and researched content, well written and relevant to our site,
  • It must be unique and exclusive to EnergyMedicineClinic.co.uk. That means we would appreciate it if this was not an excerpt or existing post.
  •  We consider it good guest post etiquette for you to promote your article via social media sites, in order for more people to read your post. It is also advised that you re-visit your post in order to respond to any comments left and interact with your new readers.
  •  We reserve the right to deny a guest post. In some instances we make small changes to content or formatting, but no extensive or wholesale changes.



Writing for us is the perfect way for you to share inspirational ideas and tips with a common audience. In addition, you will also be able to advertise yourself, your own site or business in the article.

You can happily include one link back to your website, blog or social media profile within the blog post should you wish. You can also include a link in your author bio (written by you). You may place this at the beginning or end of the post.

If you agree to the above criteria then please send your inquiry and choice of topic to info@energymedicineclinic.co.uk