The Dorn Method

The Dorn method is a gentle, yet very efficient, way of putting displaced vertebrae and joints back into their proper alignment.

The method is a combination of three parts which together improve existing misalignments, neck pain and back pain and provide the client with a preventive and maintaining spinal and joints care method with long term benefits. The therapist uses a variety of simple techniques, such as mild pressure with his fingers along the spine, while the client is asking to perform some gentle movements. This dynamic eases muscular tension and allows the realignment and/or repositioning of joints to effortlessly take place;

The treatment also involves a gentle spinal back massage which safely stretches, aligns, relaxes and energizes the spine.

The Dorn method ideally complements the realignment process triggered by the correction of the Atlas vertebrae (C1), thanks to the AtlasProfilax UK method. Aude Le Barazer is able, using the Dorn Method, to follow and gently help, the process along the spine and in the joints positioning, thus obtaining faster and long term benefits. The Dorn Method can be used as a complement of the AtlasProfilax UK method or on its own.

The Dorn method is a holistic method which focuses on looking for and correcting imbalances in the body; working on the spine and the skeletal structure often alleviate various physical such as back pain and neck pain, as well as emotional issues.

The Dorn method does not involve any medication, simple exercises are used, no cracking or violent spine manipulations are involved.

The Dorn method is totally safe and does not count one single report of client injury in 30 years of history, it has no unpleasant side effects.

The client is given home exercises which allow everyone to maintain the long term benefits of the treatment and spontaneously corrects wrong positioning. To see the self-help exercises, please click here >>

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