The Self-Recovery Process

AtlasPROfilax UK is non-invasive and involves no manipulation – its aim is to return the body to its natural and optimal state of balance. It can especially address neck pain, neck tensions, back pain, back tensions, especially when combined with back massage.

The client can expect to go through a ‘self-recovery’ process and, as the body and its organs do not regenerate overnight, this would be a gradual process. After an Atlas re-alignment, a person responds according to his/her individual physical and psychological condition.

A clearer mind and proper body balance is soon improved for most, but others, especially those whose body has never functioned to full capacity, will require more patience.

Following AtlasPROfilax®, the client may experience a variety of responses all of which indicates improvements have begun. These may include tiredness, muscle tensions around the neck and lumbar area. Some people may experience mild versions of past ailments whose recovery process has been triggered by the Atlas realignment. The patient can support his body and its changes with regular back and shoulder massage. Other therapies received in the future will be more beneficial and with lasting effects.

Dorn sessions are very beneficial to support the effects triggered by the Atlas repositioning and more generally the realignment process.