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About Juice Plus+

Juice Plus+Juice Plus+ is so much more than a products containing vitamins and minerals, as it is based on whole foods, using nutrient-rich varieties of fruit, vegetables and berries.


Fruits, vegetables and berries are the best, most efficient anti-oxydants and the ideal quantity is 10 to 12 servings a day, rather than the official 7 / day. The whole spectrum (red, greens, yellows and white and purple) needs to be eaten as various fruits and veg have different nutritional properties and need to be eaten in combination.

The health benefits of a Plant based diet are numerous; let’s just mention a few:

  • Slows down the ageing process.
  • Dark Berries, dark pigments, polyphenols, resveratrols, curcuminoids and phytonutrients from berries, fruits and vegetables stop the formation of damaged proteins from the inside and therefore delays the ageing process.
  • Reduces oxidative stress by fighting free radicals in our body.
  • Very effective in reducing wrinkles, increasing skin density, supporting collagen matrix and improving skin condition.

We all know that eating fruits and veg of all colors of the rainbow, at least 7 a day, might prove to be a challenge. You may juice several times a day. That’s quite a lot regular shopping.

OR, you can find a great addition in JUICE PLUS, a wholefood complement.

JUICE PLUS+ is a high quality, natural food complement processed at low temperatures encapsulating 28 different fruits, berries and vegetables of all colors. Juice Plus is scientifically proven to have great results in slowing down your body’s ageing process and enhancing the immune system. Juice Plus by increasing your daily intake of fruits, berries and vegetables is one of the best whole food complement in the market today.

Juice PLUS+® Fruit Blend is created from a whole food base of: oranges, pineapple, papaya, acerola, peaches, apples, cranberries, cherry, prunes and dates.

Juice PLUS+® Vegetable Blend is: broccoli, spinach, parsley, beets, cabbage, carrots, kale, tomato and garlic.

Juice PLUS+® Vineyard Blend contains: blackcurrant, blackberry, elderberry, concorde grape, raspberry, blueberry, redcurrant, bilberry and cranberry.

Adding Juice PLUS+® berries, fruits and berries, through Premium PLUS+® capsules, allows you to “top up” your daily diet with 28 plant based nutrients.

Juice PLUS+® has a worldwide scientific research program in top institutions and universities for over 15 years. Juice PLUS+® has been given remarkable reviews by 17 independent clinical studies and various scientific journals have proven the efficacy of the product.

Rejuvenate Daily with Nature.


  • Juice plus Premium Formula: Fruits, Veg & berries for 4 month
    £48.12 , €75*,  US$71.25 /month
    2 Capsules of each every day with food.
  •  Juice plus Fruits and veg for 4 months
    £31.45,   €49.5*,  US$44.50
    2 capsules of each every day with food
  •  Juice plus Chewables for Kids (Fruits, Veg & berries) for 4 months
    £ 76.75,  € 44.25*,  US$76.75
    2 chewables of each pouch per day
  •  Juice plus Chewables for Kids (Fruits & veg) for 4 months
    £ 21.25 ,  € 29.5*,  US$24.50
    2 chewables of each pouch per day

* Prices in € may vary slightly depending on the country.



Or CONTACT US for any information on the product or if you need to be guided through the ordering processor and to see if you qualify for special offers
(Order one Juice plus premium formula and get one kid free).


“I first heard of juice plus from a nursing friend of mine. I was skeptical to begin with, but after watching the videos I thought that it really was just fruit and vegetables and that I should try it. As a family we always tried to eat well but it’s not easy. I was so ready to get started and I’m so thankful I did.
After just having a baby and breastfeeding, my energy levels was rock bottom, I spent my spare time in front of the TV eating junk food. I lacked motivation for anything and my body was suffering. I was never a big person but I found my weight creeping up on me. Demands of family life was starting to take its toll.
Juice plus then came into my life and how things have changed. My energy is at an all time high, I actually feed I could run a marathon. I’m outta bed early in the morning excited what the day ahead will bring. My skin, nails and hair are glowing and I’ve shifted that nasty bit of weight. And all this from just 3 week on Juice Plus. Not only that, my baby suffered awful colic which had me pacing the floors, I can honestly say I have a different baby as he is getting juice plus through my breast milk. I was so excited of the results I now have my whole family on it including my other children. To me this is our health insurance.”