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Aude Le BarazerAude is an ex corporate Lawyer who has long openly confessed her total obsession with natural health, self development and independence.

It all started with the tempting option of becoming a Partner in her law firm, Aude decided she would be a cowboy, well a “cowgirl”, fulfilling a childhood dream. She turned down the corporate opportunity and took a flight to Argentina with the firm intention of setting up a horse riding expedition. After some interesting challenges, Aude made Patagonia her home, and that of her four companions, for several months, which got her to qualify for the “Long Rider’s Guild” association. This extraordinary adventure got her to shift her philosophy on health and life in general. Having solved one of her major health issues through a healthier living and stress management, Aude realised that we have within ourselves the power and resources for self-healing. Aude is dedicated to go on living a life as free and natural as she can and share her ethos and beliefs by reaching out to a growing number of people and create a community of like minded individuals!

Aude is a Kinesiologist, KF associates, trained in allergy related conditions, nutrition and traditional medicine. She is also a Manual Therapist with a particular emphasis on spine realignment and back pain solutions, trained in Switzerland and England.

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