Discovery of the Atlas misalignment

The famous chiropractic practitioner Bartlett Joshua Palmer (son of David Daniel Palmer, the founder of chiropractic medicine) was the first to bring to light the misalignment of the Atlas bone, naming it ‘Atlas subluxation complex’.

According to BJ Palmer, if the Atlas position is good all neurophysiologic reflexes improve. He estimated that 97% of his patients were affected by Atlas misalignment.


The Development of the AtlasProfilax Method

The Atlas realignment is being addressed by a great number of medical and non medical treatments throughout the world and, in particular, Chiropractic and Osteopathic medicines. All use various techniques and many agree that the Atlas position is key to well-being and may be related to various pathologies.

The AtlasProfilax technique developed by Renee Schumperli between 1993 and 1996 is to date the only technique that provides long-term adjustment of the Atlas vertebrae. Also, it does not involve any bone manipulation and is very safe.

To date, the AtlasProfilax® method has been performed on several hundred thousand people worldwide. The AtlasProfs® (some 300 around the world) are carefully selected and trained within the framework of the AtlasProfilax® Academy in Sierre, Switzerland, under Rene Schumperli’s supervision.