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20 Simple Acts That Make a Lasting Impression

First impressions last. The first few moments when you meet another person, a client, a colleague or someone you like really count. A lot of people go through great lengths to impress others. Many do many stressful actions and overdo them in the course of a relationship. Psychology studies however peg the initial seconds of […]

First impressions last. The first few moments when you meet another person, a client, a colleague or someone you like really count. A lot of people go through great lengths to impress others. Many do many stressful actions and overdo them in the course of a relationship.

Psychology studies however peg the initial seconds of meeting a person socially, at business or even a blind date as the ones that really count.

So what you “do” and “not do” at the first meeting matters most. Your words, your actions, attitude, behavior and your overall appearance are noticed in the first few seconds. You desire to create a lasting impression and here are simple but very effective acts that will have a great impact and will create a lasting positive impression.

1. Dress Well

This does not mean that you go around in designer outfits day in and day out. No. Dress neatly and appropriately for the situation. The first thing that a stranger will see about you is your appearance. Take a reasonable time to choose and dress well every day.

2. Punctuality. All the time.

Always be there on the appointed time. Put yourself in the shoes of that other person. Being late already creates a negative judgment on your part; long before you started any social or business relationship. Letting people wait makes them feel frustrated and annoyed. And you make them feel that your appointment is of less value to you than it is to them.

3. Keep your promises. They are never meant to be broken.

“A man’s word is his bond”. Lasting impressions are made with a person’s integrity. Don’t be quick to commit to anything or promise something just because you want to impress at that moment. The rule is pretty simple. If you make a commitment, do everything you can to stick it or avoid doing any promise.

4. Respect others

This is the golden rule. When you expect respect from other people then you should respect them too. Not everyone has the same opinion or will agree with you. Be civil to others no matter what. Look deeply and you will see traits that you will actually admire.

5. Participate, be involved!

When you commit to national and local actions such as “going green” or recycling, do so sincerely. Choose an advocacy that you believe in. Save the whales, go tree planting, participate in a coastal clean up, join a volunteer organizaton. Your involvement to things that matter will make a great impact to society.

6. Express gratitude

Saying “Thank you” or “You’re Welcome” is very effective and goes a long way. Always acknowledge simple acts of kindness to show your appreciation and you will get more of those. Make it a point to always do this.

7. Smiles, Handshakes and Hugs

Smiling to others is very infectious. It creates an otherwise sour or mundane situation into something heartwarming. Psychologically when you smile at others, they automatically smile back at you. A smile lightens a situation and makes others feel that you appreciate them. Shaking a person’s hand also makes a lasting impression. For business situations a firm handshake is always best. Hugs are best for family and friends. Use what is most apt for the situation.

8. Spend less time on the phone.

The phone is an excellent piece of technology when you talk with others at a distance. But it creates negativity when you do this constantly in front of another person. It is distracting and inappropriate. Try to avoid doing this especially when you are in a face to face meeting.

9. Be a good parent

Your children are said to be the mirrors of your personality. Others see who you are as a parent and person through your kids. Take time to be with them in games, recitals, competitions, and school conferences. Have regular talks with them and be a friendly mentor to them.

10. Be Faithful to your partner

There are many relationships that go down the drain. Divorces and broken marriages are rampant. Be true to your loved one and prioritize family.

11. Neatness is next to Godliness

A regular hygienic routine is a must. Take a shower at least once a day. Make it essential to brush your teeth, do mouthwash and carry breath mints. This sounds pretty simple but a lot people struggle with it all the time. Remember a situation where you talked to someone with nasty breath? You can’t hear what they are trying to say at all. All you want to do is to give them a breath mint.

12. Make eye contact and speak clearly

Nothing is more irritating than being in a face to face meeting and the person you are talking to is mumbling incoherently or evades eye contact. Clear speech and direct eye contact engages a conversation. It is the basic and essential key to having clear communication exchanges.

13. Avoid chewing

This goes for profession situations such as job interviews and meetings. Chewing gum or munching on a piece of candy makes a formal situation informal. It’s ok when you are with friends and family but it’s definitely a no-no for business conferences.

14. Use Appropriate Humor

Using a little bit of humor can make a situation lighter. But you have to know when this is appropriate. The danger is when you do something that offends. Be careful with this.

15. Be organized and Set goals

Nothing is more impressive that a person who works hard for their dreams and is organized in all tasks. Organize yourself, know your goals and do your best to reach them.

16. Be a Friend.

We are all social beings. We all need friends. We need others to listen to us when we have something to say. We need to feel kindness and do acts of kindness to others. And we all need to feel appreciated. A true friend performs simple acts of kindness like opening a door or paying someone a complement. A true friend shares what they have. Be it an extra sandwich at work or knowledge about something. Always try to get the opportunity to be of help towards others around you. Being a sincere friend to others always impresses.

17. Be a Positive influence

A person who thinks positive acts positive. They see the good/opportunity in any situation. They unconsciously positively influence others around them. They usually get picked first in team efforts, chosen as managers and people will listen to them. They also do not take easy offense since they can always see the good in people first. They sincerely care about their co-workers, boss, teammates and friends. No walls of negativity exist for them. These are people who are the most popular and most loved.

18. Admit to your mistakes

One act that impresses others is the simple acknowledgment of committing an error. This honesty will build your reputation for credibility and trust. Say sorry, take the blame and fix the error.

19. Keep up on current events and trends.

Opening your mind to news, trends and information locally and globally widens your horizons. It makes your attitude more appreciating of others.

20. Travel

Always grab the chance to see other places and meet other people. See and learn from the similarities and differences of other people and other cultures.

There you have it, 20 simple acts that will make a lasting impression! Try to make them a part of your life.

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Aude Seynt Martin

Written by Aude Seynt Martin

Aude is an ex corporate Lawyer with a passion for health, self development and independence which lead her to give up her former career to help others through health.

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